Botechinn Società Consortile has been established

37 companies point to innovation as a driver to face the crisis and create wellness and employment.
In June 2011 Botechinn Società Consortile arl was established from a project designed and promoted within Confindustria, and it soon becomes a Hub for Technological Innovation in Abruzzo. The objective is to create an integrated system able to promote cooperation, facilitate the growth of distinctive skills and stimulate innovation. The Hub is composed by representatives of the Academic world and research centres, as well as Abruzzo medium and big enterprises.

Please find below the list of the companies belonging to the Botechinn Consortium: 3G spa, Alea Network srl, ENFAP- UIL Abruzzo, Adventure srl, Assyoma srl, B2B srl, Cubiq srl, DMB Solutions srl, Ecoh Media srl, Enterprise Consulting srl, Hiteco srl, Hitrust srl, Infobasic srl, Interzen Consulting srl, Istituto Tecnico “E. Alessandrini”, Konvergence srl, Micso srl, Nexus srl, Noze srl, Pomilio Blumm srl, Radlab srl, RoFilm snc, Sinergia Advertising srl, Sinergie Education srl, Sonicatel srl, Studioware sas, T&D srl, TAI PRORA srl, TED Ingegneria dei Sistemi srl, Telemetrica srl, Thales Italia spa, UD’ANET srl, Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Università degli Studi “G. D’Annunzio” Chieti, Vivieb, Ter Consulting, Dynacom srl.