Established in 2000, 3g stands as a proven leader of outsourcing services for companies, public administrations and institutions.

In addition to its Headquarter in Rome, 3g has 3 operation centers located in Sulmona, Chieti and Campobasso. In 2011 the Company included 1300 employees and its turnover amounted at € 27 million.

Nowadays 3g is one of the main player in this field thanks to recent acquisitions, efficiency upgrading and the development of specialized know-how, which allow the Company to offer best-quality services.


Societies of 3G SpA group

The following societies are part of 3g SpA group.
Specific activities: This company is specialized in offering the following services:

1. Customer Relationship
2. Teleselling
3. Customer Satisfaction
4. Market Research
5. Customer Acquisition

Registered offices :
Via Crescenzio,9 - 00193 Roma - Phone: 06 95229300 - Fax: 06 92912897
Operation centers:
San Giuliano di Puglia Via Uliveti del Marchese snc - 86040 (CB) - Phone: 0874 738110

Resources n.: 100 circa